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Office phone number(07)806-0505轉1510
Job titleSection Chief
Responsibilities1.Seal management
(1)Be responsible for seals safekeeping, commencement of seals, and overprinting
(2)Seal approved contracts, certificates, and guarantees
(3)Seal other documents

2.Outgoing documents management (including sending electronic official documents)
(1)Proofread, seal and package official documents in paper form
(2)Proofread, seal and send official documents in electronic form

3.Classified documents management
(1)Receive and dispatch classified documents
(2)Archive and declassify classified documents

4.Administrative Operations
(1)Process general incoming documents and drafts
(2)Process mid-to-long term plans
(3)Provide training sessions for the online approval system of official documents
(4)Process temporary assignments

5.Plan Electronic Administrative System
(1)Electronic document receiving and dispatching system
(2)Official document online approval system
(3)File management system
(4)Postal inquiry system

Tel:+886 7 806-0505 ext. 1510
Fax:+886 7 806-2414
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