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Office phone number(07)806-0505轉1561
Job titleTechnician Assistant
Responsibilities◎Be responsible for the maintenance, management and reporting of sewage treatment plant
◎Handle periodic environmental safety and sanitation checks
◎Perform environmental safety checks at professional practice rooms
◎Provide orientation training on environmental safety and sanitation to freshman students
◎Convene periodic Safety and Sanitation Commission’s meetings every semester
◎Report injury statistics
◎Supervise the management of labor health inspections by internship providers
◎Perform checks of safety facilities on campus and process periodic filings
◎Process parking permit applications and operations of the Vehicle Management Commission
◎Provide regular training of civil defense regiment
◎Process other matters in relation to labor safety and sanitation management
◎Process temporary assignments

Tel:+886 7 806-0505 ext. 1561
Fax:+886 7 806-2414
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