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Office phone number(07)806-0505轉1562
Job titleAdministrative Assistant
Responsibilities◎Clean and patrol lavatories
◎Purchase spare supplies for lavatories
◎Process bids for cleaning services
◎Coordinate building cleaning matters during winter and summer breaks
◎Process bids for pest control and prevention services
◎Arrange and coordinate annual sanitation services
◎Provide study activities in relation to campus landscaping
◎Promote health education and relevant activities
◎Support large events held in the University
◎Process bids for removal of general industrial waste
◎Assist in the removal of waste (removal of general waste and relevant filings)
◎Improve public environmental sanitation to prevent dengue fever and cooperate with the health agencies to conduct random inspections
◎Repair lavatory facilities
◎Apply for and monthly filing of waste disposal plan
◎Handle pest control and prevention on campus
◎Support other sanitation related matters
◎Support manual training related works ( indoor cleaning, and participating in relevant meetings and study)
◎Handle campus cleaning works
◎Update and maintain web pages
◎Process assignments directed by supervisors

Tel:+886 7 806-0505 ext. 1562
Fax:+886 7 806-2414
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