Function, organization and duty

Cashier Section
Job titleNameResponsibilities
Section ChiefCHEN, WEI-YA◎Compile list of and distribute various salary, year-end bonus, performance bonus, and overtime compensation to faculty and staff
◎Compile list of and distribute hourly fees and transportation compensation to teachers
◎Process security deposits, CDs and certificates
◎Process payment of various withholdings
◎Process various incomes and issue withholding statements
◎Verify and seal various vouchers and checks
◎Coordinate tasks of the Cashier’s Section

Tel:+886 7 806-0505 ext. 1530
Fax:+886 7 806-2414
Technical WorkerHONG,MING-HONG◎Issue tuition and fee bills and collect payment
◎Process and audit various petty cash receipts
◎Process payment of credit fees each semester
◎Process admission and registration fees
◎Issue various receipts
◎Manage, apply, process and return receipts to the Accounting Office
Tel:+886 7 806-0505 ext. 1532
Fax:+886 7 806-2414
Administrative AssistantTSAI,JIA-HUEI◎Issue processing fee bills and collect payment
◎Control and distribute allowances (under NT$10,000), manage and report lists allowances
◎Maintain and collect monies from paying machines for documentation
◎Collect monies from air conditioner pre-paid card machines
Tel:+886 7 806-0505 ext. 1533
Fax:+886 7 806-2414
Administrative AssistantOU,JIA-LING◎Process Endowment Fund’s receipts and payment vouchers
◎Process checks and transfers of the Endowment Fund
◎Produce and audit daily account reports of the Endowment Fund
◎Produce monthly discrepancy reports and aggregate general reports of the Endowment Fund
Tel:+886 7 806-0505 ext. 1531
Fax:+886 7 806-2414
Program AssistantSU,GUAN-JHEN◎Register payment vouchers and make transfers for Endowment Fund
◎Audit discrepancies in various withholdings and producing reports
◎Process and file withholding tax for foreigners (who stay in Taiwan for under 183 days within current year)
Tel:+886 7 806-0505 ext. 1535
Fax:+886 7 806-2414
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